Dogs and Cats in Kazanlak

Dogs and Cats in Kazanlak in Bulgaria need our help!

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I am Ivelina Nedkova and I am a veterinary technician. For more than 10 years,
I have been volunteering for animals affected by incidents, mainly in our town of Kazanlak, but sometimes
from other cities.

Sterilisation Plans

Animal Hope Bugaria Kazanlak

The mission of Animal Hope is to provide as much help as possible to stray animals in Kazanlak. First and foremost in the short term: by supporting local stray animals. But there are also plans for the future, namely: making castration/sterilisation possible to reduce the number of stray animals. Your support in this is indispensable!

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What we need

Dear animal friends, as you know we also help the dogs from the local shelter in Kazanlak. Thanks to your help we can feed the animals again.

But keep supporting us, we need a worming cure, a flea pipette and vaccines, as you know they are very expensive. That is why keep supporting us! Because every life is one.

Thank you very much!

These animals need your help!