Adi and her daughter are two women who always help homeless animals in spite of poverty.
If we have the opportunity, we support them, which is why your help is very important for both humans and animals.

Unipak-V Ltd. Ruse sponsored us 10 houses for the homeless in the city of Kazanlak.
Some of the houses have already been placed, it is for a long time for the street cats.

All restaurants are closed. The city is empty. Few people are walking on the streets.
The homeless animals are hungry, a handful of people do what they can, but unfortunately they disappear again.
We put feeding troughs in several places in the city – next to the abandoned house behind the
shop, in the town centre and the car park behind the Gyros, on the market square next to the abandoned building, to the west, and several other places.
We appeal to citizens, if you have the possibility, put down pellets. The animals have no one.
If you don’t have time and still want to help with donations or contact us privately!

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