Ivelina: “The situation in Bulgaria is horrible! You see puppies dumped on the streets everywhere. The last few weeks we had to take 15 puppies home. All of them were without a mother, dehydrated and with lots of fleas, worms and anaemia. We are doing everything we can to keep them alive. For now, they are being dewormed. They need puppy food, vaccines and medication. Many of the puppies have Ehrlichiosis, a disease caused by a ricketsia (Ehrlichia) in the white blood cells. Ricketsia looks like a virus or bacteria, it is actually in between. They are transmitted by ticks and live in a cell of the host.

The situation is very serious and will get out of hand if we do not get help. We are now 10 days into testing the dogs that are brought into the shelter. 80% of the animals are already infected. Many puppies are dying from it. The worst cases are taken to a clinic and we have treated 7 puppies ourselves. We are now starting a large-scale treatment in the municipal shelter, trying to save as many animals as possible. But we need your help! Would you like to help us? Please make a donation today – thank you very much!”. DONATE!

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