This is Lucky -Ivan – he was injured by a man. His legs were cut off and his skull was deformed by a blow from a heavy object. Now he is very lovley boy – have wheelchair.

The situation is scary, scary because the atrocity was probably committed intentionally by a man ….
We rejected the trap, because with it the cutting of the bones is right. There is crushing here. According to the doctors, it is either crushed by a car or one doctor suggested that they were cut with a wood saw  unfortunately only Lucky РIvan I know the truth. I hope to find a witness to the crime, but I have little doubt. The clinic underwent a thorough examination Рvital signs (temperature, pulse, respiration) are normal. We released blood tests, from which we are waiting for the results today and a test for leishmaniasis, which fortunately is negative. .
At the moment the boy is on antibiotics and medications to strengthen the body, after 5-6 days he will proceed to operations that are necessary. One eye of Lucky – Ivan is missing, the other is also not very good, in general a very suffering boy.
From now on I will try to forget the pain and all the suffering.

Lucky Ivan underwent two amputation surgeries. He is currently very well and remains living with us in a rehabilitation center and
recovery “Hope for the different”